September 2018 - Present, Teesside University, UK

Lecturer in Construction Management


Feb 2016 – July 2018, University of Huddersfield, UK

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (full-time)
  • Holds the role as one of the main researchers of ASCENT project, a €1 million project funded by the European Union through its Erasmus+ scheme. Responsible for Work Package 2- Project Management, and Work Package 4 – Research Infrastructure, as well as in charge of the day-to-day project coordination and the monitoring of work progress and financial management. My tasks in the project also include:
  • Development of associated guidelines for the ASCENT project’s online training platform and MOOCs materials, and
  • Coordination of training handbooks development and revisions.
  • Act as the main editor of ASCENT’s biannual newsletter, produced as part of the project’s public dissemination.
  • Development and maintenance of project website; ensuring that project documents are in accordance with the EU’s visibility requirement, updated and readily available for public (
  • Organising committee of the coordination and organisation of the 7th International Conference on Building Resilience 2017 held on 27th – 29th November 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand. My tasks also include:
  • Editor of the Conference Proceeding
  • Theme Leader of Understanding Disaster Risk theme
  • Cost budgeting and monitoring
  • Abstract and paper reviewer, as well as
  • Development and maintenance of the conference website (
  • Assessor panellist for PHD student progression assessment.


Mar 2015 – Jan 2016, University of Huddersfield

Post-Doctoral Research Assistant (part-time)
  • Provided input as co-principal investigator for the successful € 1 million grant proposal submitted under Erasmus+ scheme, CABARET.
  • Coordinated the preparation and organisation of British Council Research Link workshop in Bandung, Indonesia. Tasks include shortlisting participants’ application, venue organisation, and designing and administering the book of abstract production.
  • Coordinated the preparation and organisation of the EU LLP and Tempus project ‘CENEAST – RESINT – CADRE, Symposium on Disaster Resilience and Built Environment Education: Celebrating project successes’, Manchester, UK.


Feb 2010 – Dec 2010, UN – HABITAT

Assistant Project Coordinator
  • Lead the UN-Habitat’s West Sumatra office team for the provision of technical assistance and support to the government of Indonesia and the disaster-affected community on community-based safe house reconstruction.
  • Developed modules and dissemination materials on safe house construction and communication skills for the community-based facilitators and disaster-affected communities.
  • Provide trainings and workshops for the community-based facilitators and disaster-affected communities on safe house construction.
  • Coordinated the Inter-Agency Shelter Cluster, a platform for donor agencies and NGOs working on house reconstruction in West Sumatra.
  • Selected as UN Habitat representative and conference moderator for the One Year West Sumatra Earthquake commemoration exhibition and conference in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Selected as one of the key team members for the European Commissions’ DIPECHO 7th and AUP project funding proposal preparation.


Sep 2009 – Dec 2009, GTZ – AMAP

Deputy Team Leader
  • Monitored the ‘Asset Mapping Assistance Project – AMAP’ progress and deliverables.
  • Monitored the budgeting and financial progress and project performance.
  • Provide managerial support to the Team Leader and acted as Team Leader in his absence.
  • Acted as a facilitating agent for the provision of dispute resolution of resulting from regulation and cultural barrier between donor agency (AUSAID), implementing agency (GTZ) and the Indonesian government as the beneficiary.
  • Successfully delivered and administered two workshops on Asset Management Skills involving all 23 Mayors and Regents in the Aceh province
  • Appointed as the moderator for the Asset Management Skills workshops
  • Successfully setup and installed GIS laboratory for asset management and training purposes to four district governments and one government training facility.


Oct 2008 – Aug 2009, GHD IREP Project ‐ IPM

Technician Assistant – Program Management
  • Provided technical assistant on project reporting and monitoring.
  • Monitored project deliverables preparation and progress.
  • Lead and supervise the technical preparation and translation of the deliverable and reports.
  • Lead the recruitment of technical assistance team member.


May 2006 – Oct 2006, GTZ‐SLGSR

CAD‐Design Engineer
  • Produced engineering design to the construction team, as well as the technical drawings for tender and the design review, with the aid of AUTOCAD software.
  • Provided technical guidelines for the tender document and evaluation process.
  • Acted as a facilitator in bridging the gap and improving communication between the community and the project team.