I am currently working s a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in the Global Disaster Resilience Centre, University of Huddersfield, UK.  I finished my PhD in Disaster Management and Infrastructure Reconstruction at the University of Salford in 2015  

Prior to my academic career, I spent my professional time working with various international companies and donor organisation including GTZ, GHD, and UN-HABITAT in a number of post-disaster reconstruction projects in Indonesia.  

My thesis, entitled as ‘Evaluation of the Local Government Capacity in the Maintenance of Post-disaster Road Reconstruction Assets”, highlights the need to maximise the value of the investment made in the reconstruction of road infrastructure sector in a post-disaster context through evaluating the local governments’ road maintenance capacity. This work was cited in the UNISDR handbook for the local governments.  

I also hold a master degree in Construction Management from the University of New South Wales, Australia, and a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Trisakti University, Indonesia.  

My research interests include disaster management, infrastructure reconstruction and international development. I am looking forward to  the opportunity to have a joint collaboration with other researchers and professional from both the academia and the industry.