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Dr. Ezri Hayat is currently working as a Lecturer in Construction Management, Teesside University, UK. 

Ezri completed his BSc in Civil Engineering from Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. He obtained his Master Degree in Construction Management, at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2008, under the prestigious scholarship sheme from the Australian Government, Australian Partnership Scholarship (APS). 

His interest on research in disaster management subject was instigated by having first hand experience and witness the impacts of the boxing day tsunami in 2004, in Banda Aceh, located on the top of Sumatra island in Indonesia. Ezri spent my early professional career time working with various international companies and donor organisation including GTZ, GHD, and UN-HABITAT for the reconstruction of earthquakes and tsunami affected areas, and several other post-disaster reconstruction projects in Indonesia. The issues and problems identified in the field, particularly with regards to how different organisations, including the governments, donors, and NGOs, plan, work and collaborate in post disaster reconstruction projects encouraged him to investigate them further, which eventually lead to pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Salford, UK. 

His PhD thesis, entitled as ‘Evaluation of the Local Government Capacity in the Maintenance of Post-disaster Road Reconstruction Assets”, highlights the need to maximise the value of the investment made in the reconstruction of road infrastructure sector in a post-disaster context through evaluating the local governments’ road maintenance capacity. The research investigates how the local government maintain the road assets reconstructed during the tsunami reconstruction period, inherited from various donor organisations and NGOs, as well as the national government, as an effort to appraising the sustainability of the assets and  the value of the investment made in the reconstruction time. This research was cited in the UNISDR handbook for the local governments.

His research interests include disaster management, infrastructure reconstruction and international development. Dr Ezri is looking forward to the opportunity to have a joint collaboration with other researchers and professional from both the academia and the industry.

Earthquake evacuation and response drill - Makati City, Philipinnes

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